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Omega Bones and Treats

Omega Beef Livers®

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Our 100% Beef Liver Bite are slowly smoked without any additives or preservatives (we add just a pinch of Rosemary) and then dehydrated to lock in the natural flavor and nutrients of this tasty, nutritious treat.

Each batch is hand-crafted daily from fresh, vitamin-rich beef livers rich in zinc, iron, phosphorus, and essential fatty acids to help support your dog’s vision and help cleanse the blood of toxins. Also works as a powerful nutrient boost for dogs that may have been injured or sick.

Omega Beef Liver Bites also work wonderfully as a tempting training treat and to reinforce desired behaviors!


  • A USDA Inspected 100% Beef Byproduct.
  • Naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients.
  • No artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • Great for small and large dogs of all breeds.

We strongly recommend that you closely supervise your dog with any dog bone or treat. If you have any cause for concern, please contact your Veterinarian immediately.